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The digital transformation is progressing ever faster

sidion supports you on the path to becoming a digital organization so that you and your customers can benefit as much as possible from digitalization. This takes into account the existing business models, processes, IT strategy and IT architecture. We help you to identify the potential of digitalization in the context of your activities and develop specific recommendations for action to exploit the opportunities identified. In doing so, we draw on method and process consulting, UX design, EAM, risk and compliance management.

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We support you flexibly according to your needs

sidion successfully implements projects and plans and can therefore draw on a wealth of experience. Our experts know which method will bring you the greatest benefit and can adapt it precisely to your current situation. This is why we provide you with individual and goal-oriented advice.

We are flexible:

  • We get started together – With us, you have a competent contact partner at your side throughout the entire process.
  • We get involved when you need us and help to make your project a success.
  • We share our experience with you and act as your sparring partner for the jointly selected methodology. You benefit from constructive feedback, in-depth analysis and specific recommendations for action.

Our core competencies


Risk- und

Legal requirements as an opportunity for your business

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Risk and compliance - trend or necessity?
Processes and data are being digitized, the possibilities and technologies are far-reaching. But is this also finding its way into risk assessment and compliance? Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with methods and implementation in these areas. Cybercrime is on the rise and causes serious damage. Is your IT landscape sufficiently prepared and do you know the weak points? We would be happy to support you in analyzing and assessing the risks and checking the necessary requirements and regulations.


Achieving goals more easily  with the right method

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The existing toolbox of methods is large and it is not always easy to "fish out" exactly the right method - we know the methods and adapt them individually to your problem or put together the right set of methods. Regardless of whether it's an IT architecture, a technical process, software development or simply team collaboration - we advise and adapt to your (initial) situation.

Enterprise Architecture

Making business and IT decisions with transparency

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Transparent business and IT decisions EAM presents the structure and interrelationships of your company - target and actual. We thus form the basis for your strategic business planning/decisions and the associated information technology. With EAM, you choose a holistic approach by developing consistent and relevant views of problems & solutions, whereby process, data and IT landscapes can be efficiently designed and modernized. Modern enterprise architecture management develops and maintains the overarching reference point for business and IT decisions - even in an agile project environment.


A user experience that not only inspires you but also your users

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Successful products in both B2C and B2B environments are geared towards the needs, expectations and behaviors of their users. Only those who understand what motivates them and how the various actuators act in the overall context of your product can design customized processes and applications. A user-friendly user interface that enables efficient work plays a key role here.


Processes are the core of your company - let us design them optimally

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Company processes form the basis of collaboration within the company and also in interaction with customers. It is therefore important to pay attention to them and work on them. We can do that. That's what we do. On a small scale through visualization of the process and on a large scale through digitalization - and everything in between. Let's work together on your process.


What is the satisfaction of your IT users worth to you?

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  1. We provide you with active support in 1st-3rd IT support, leaving our knowledge or even entire capacities to you.
  2. We operationalize your ITIL processes and ensure optimizations.

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Sebastian Stiffel

Excerpt from our customer projects

Banks & Finance

Introduction of QA processes for an external foreign service provider. Fixing of quality gates, measurement and awarding of school grades


Energy & environment

Cloud consulting including cost analysis with open and honest communication and transparency. Implementation at an agile fixed price including project management and escalation management

Real estate & facility management

Introduction of a new ERP system, from requirements analysis and tendering/evaluation to implementation support, testing and introduction

Marketing & PR

Consulting and support in the area of storage and new technologies, conducting security audits, consulting on information security

Banks & Finance

Concept test automation



Banks & Finance

Test concept/management for the data warehouse. 3-stage test concept with consideration of 20 access and write systems. BaFin fully accepted and approved the concept and its implementation in the first audit


Concept central mail system Office 365 for 40,000 users worldwide


Banks & Finance

Planning and implementation Office 365, Skype for Business, migration to Azure Cloud


Transport & logistics

Request analysis for search algorithm inventory and process consulting to avoid double bookings



Optimization of the vehicle configuration display with predictive error message of non-existent/missing detail elements



B2B portal concept with focus on expanding the current business. Process consulting in management and training of employees, delivery and support of the system

Energy & Environment

Consulting and implementation of a 600-page catalog for the evaluation of sustainability criteria and awarding of certificates, replacement of Silverlight in the web interface


Concept for virtual showroom




Online platform concept for vehicle sales/leasing



Banks & Finance

Self Service Portal creation with SAFe method for leasing contract management in 12 countries



Concept for Payback integration when purchasing a vehicle for customer loyalty




Consulting and specification creation, know-how transfer and preparation for the development of the WLTP calculation kernel, WLTP - Business Program Management for integration into vehicle configurator and calculator

Public administration

Concept and implementation of an online platform as an education navigator




Support of the digital marketing and sales processes of vehicles with support in the technical clarification and solution conception, as well as creation of epics, stories and technical acceptance criteria

Research & development

Conception and development of a store management tool with microservice architecture



Consulting and support for the improvement of company processes with conversion to agile methods. Visualization of process chains with role plays in workshops

Banks & Finance

Outsourcing of the core application



Banks & Finance

Outsourcing of the core application



Banking & Finance

Enterprise architecture domain model DMO project comparing DE with USA and China



Automatic import and assignment of sales programs for dealers and fleet customers to optimize margins. Integration of the sales programs in the CRM, determination of KPIs and automatic feedback to the CRM


Unification of the content for the vehicle configurator with goLean 4.0, reduction of the high manual effort through input from various sources and Excel lists

Public administration

Consulting and implementation of the architecture of a microservice-based development platform and design of the front-end system



B2B platform for the Europe-wide marketing of used vehicles